Mirjam Janse | Healer and Transformational coach


In a time when everyone is affected by the complexity of everyday life, an increasing bureaucracy and the uncertainty concerning income and security, balance and good health are the way forward.


Healing is an ongoing journey of discovery in search of more answers and ultimately being healthier and striving for wholeness. It is not intended to serve as a band-aid or a one time fix!  It’s for those who seek to explore and experience health beyond the physical.

Why would you seek healing?

When you feel tired, stressed or out of balance, unwell, injured or in pain, Healing can assist you in grounding and reconnect with your ability to find balance and harmony.

Healing is holistic, it treats the whole person, mind, body and soul. Giving healing means to channel energy. It is inviting the body to open up and accept the healing intention of the body.

Healing Session Practical Information

A session lasts roundabout 40 minutes. There will be time to ask questions at the end of the session. If you are unable to come to my practise distant healing is possible.

Please make sure you arrive on time for your appointment. Not too late, not too early.
If you need to cancel your appointment please do so 24 hours prior to your appointment or I have to charge the full fee.

There is no need to remove your clothes to receive healing. Removing a coat or shoes can be practical.

I work to a strict Code of Conduct, so all sessions are confidential.

If you would like to bring a friend or relative to the session you are welcome to do so. Just let me know in advance.

The fee is £35 per session. You can pay cash or Paypal. The Paypal button is on top.

Healing is not an alternative to conventional medical care. Sometimes going to a medical professional is the best solution to addressing a disease.


'I kept looking for freedom and lightness in my life, so I ended up with Mirjam. To me she radiates that. I see her being well connected to the Earth and the Cosmos, so I expect her to be able to help me to get connected as well.
I like the way Mirjam touches me when giving healing. It feels solid and enjoyable. She will not touch me  without permission. After a healing I am calmer, especially in my head. I get a sense of space, as if something is broken open. It feels fresh. After a healing it’s easier to get in touch with my feelings and  emotions. I am more open and my body is more relaxed.
Mirjam is exuberant, sometimes a little crazy, but that helps me. By being authentic, she inspires me to be myself, to experience freedom. The way she allows herself and others to be imperfect helps me not to take life too serious. But she is very serious about the things that are important! To me Mirjam seems very loving and compassionate. I like coming to see her.'


'The last few sessions have really brought some sort of peace inside myself, and since those were planned on my days off, I think they may have been all the more affective. I think I really have been healed at some points, and what I’ll mostly take from this is that I should never hesitate to trust my own support system. The energy is there to guide me through life. My intuition is becoming even stronger it seems, another very powerful source Mirjam has encouraged me to keep relying on.'