In a world that seems increasingly complex it is hard to keep your balance and gain awareness of what really matters to you in life. In times like this it can be good to consult your inner compass and look at whether you are on track.

Personal Journey

In a Personal Journey you focus on the essence of your physical and your spiritual health, your relationships, family, work and finances. You also look at your past lives, karma and your Soul Intent.
And I assist you.

I work with Healing, Cord Cutting, Soul Retrieval, Spirtit Realease and Regression as well as with Reading and Constellations.
By working intuitively the essence of what’s going on in your life at that moment becomes clear fast. You gain clarity about the origin of your blockades, desires and intentions.
In the course of the Journey you can also become aware of your relationships with deceased persons or with your Soulgroup. Personal Guides might make themselves noticeable.

By becoming aware of your choices and chances in life subconscious restrictive programming can be cleared and rewritten. You’re now free and back on track!

In my experience nothing can be enforced in the Cosmos but it did show that when you surrender to the process of healing and awareness, the Cosmos likely will lend you a hand and surprise you in unexpected ways!

A Personal Journey consists of 5 to 8 sessions. A session takes 1 to 1,5 hours. There are 3 weeks between successive sessions. The sessions take place in Amsterdam. When appropriate a session is done at your work area or outdoors. An intake session is required.

The exchange is € 400 to € 1000, depending on the amount of sesions. It includes material, recordings and VAT.

I work to a strict Code of Conduct so all sessions are confidential.




‘Since 2009 I had my spiritual awakening and it kind of catapulted me in a life changing process. At one point I had the feeling I lost sight of the track. I was confused. Looking back I can see this process confronted me with a lot of old programmed thoughts and fears.
I did 8 sessions with Mirjam. In those sessions we worked on my chakra’s, energy and aura and of course all that is needed to reset my energy flow in my body and deal with the maze of old programmed thoughts and fears.
It worked out great! I’m much more at peace and more importantly i’m back on track! I can continue my journey with a healthy and strong awareness of who I am. It also brought me closer to my guides.
With her very down to earth approach, humor and her passion for working with spirits and guides I could not wish for a better healer than Mirjam. You can easily tell she feels like a fish in the water when she is doing her ‘job’. I don’t think it’s her job. I think it’s her way of life. Not afraid to be creative in her work, to improvise. She is very intune with her intuition, spirit and her guides. Her work is custom made’


‘I wanted some counseling and consolidation regarding my eating habits and addictions. I wanted to dive deeper and find more comfort in being myself.
The sessions with Mirjam made sense on many layers. She is able to translate very well what she does and what is shown to her into language suitable for ones way of receiving.
Mirjam is firm, down to earth and a loyal, open warm person. Clear and direct. She makes you feel safe and grounded. She is deeply trustworthy.’


‘I wanted to discover the roots of my long lasting fatigue and heal the disbalance in my physical body.
It turned out here was a whole history of past lifes hidden behind this incapability to feel any sensations in the physical body. She is also a curious and ambitious person, eager to work with all the information given about my past lives. She was open to alternative ways to do the healing, like regression, soul retrieval, drawing and constellations.
Combining the healing with reading Mirjam was capable to tell me what happened during the healing. That made it an amazing, beautiful and coulourful experience! It helped me to get a broader view on things and opened the door to inner peace.’