The Lonely One Travels Light

Because you are one with the oneness of all there is, feeling lonely is just a temporary state of mind. Use the time to figure out the unique way you want to express yourself. Omdat je één bent met de eenheid van alles wat er is, is je eenzaam voelen slechts een tijdelijke gemoedstoestand. Gebruik … Read more

Integrating Cosmic information

By becoming aware of multidimensional information that is naturally uploaded by your body, you can choose what best suits the new you. Door je bewust te worden van multidimensionale informatie die op natuurlijke wijze door je lichaam wordt geüpload, kun je kiezen wat het beste bij de nieuwe jij past.

Are you Holding Yourself Back

Be in the moment as much as possible, without judging yourself, and avoid feelings of guilt or shame. Practice being neutral, almost as if you are not there when you are completely there. If you’re feeling insecure and on the brink of depression, acknowledge what’s oppressing you and find ways to do what you want. … Read more

Flatthinkers And Conscious Adventurers

The gap between flat-thinkers and the adventurers who continue to search for insights and wisdom will widen. The explorers of life will naturally develop their senses to an unprecedented high sensitivity. See if you’re willing to deal with that. De kloof tussen platdenkers en de avonturiers die op zoek blijven naar inzichten en wijsheid zal … Read more

Accelerating To A New State Of Being

Flat-thinkers are those that resist thinking anything else than they did for aeons. The gap between them and those who strive to raise awareness and develop their gifts is widening. It will cause conflict, but at the same time, some will realize that there are entirely new ways of interacting with each other. Beings of … Read more

A New Perspective. Art Does The Work

Look at art, feel and absorb the mental and emotional space that the work of art represents. The artist has managed to create an image of cohesion from the chaos of the world and invites you to enjoy the view within yourself. Kijk naar kunst, voel de mentale en emotionele ruimte die het kunstwerk vertegenwoordigt … Read more

Discover a New Perspective

Silence and space are becoming a luxury. Nevertheless, look for a place with a view, even for a moment. Look at the horizon, feel the space and take it in. Your entire body will resonate with your experience of freedom in this space. Stilte en ruimte worden een luxe. Zoek echter een plek met uitzicht, … Read more

BE 0:47 / 4:56 Fast Track To Expanded Awareness

A sparkling reality is about to manifest itself, which has a lasting effect on your personal space. So it is time to erase the slate of aeons, to make way so that you can be present in this vibrant field of unprecedented possibilities, even without losing your ego. Een sprankelende realiteit staat op het punt … Read more