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Stilte dag

Duiding door Mirjam 22 januari 2022

Indeed, the curtains are torn to pieces. We are lifting the veil. We do like all the people that joined the workshop to witness the change in all of you. We also like to date today as the moment on which you can decide who you want to be in the next five years. So be aware of what you allow into your system and what you want to express to the outside world. Don’t make up your mind, make up your heart instead and align with your soul intent. May we invite you to be with us and become aware of the doors opening. Thank you!

Whenever you have a question go within, focus on the chakras, one after the other. Feel our support through all these energy centres. You will need support in the coming months, for, until May, June, you will be under attack. Know it, and if you need some support a gathering with others is an option. Do know that we are here because you invited us. Thank you, bless you!

Duiding Mirjam
Wat een fijne dag met jullie allen… zo fijn om in verbinding te zijn.
Het was een heel waardevolle dag. Ik voel me lichter en steviger!
Het werd steeds stiller in mezelf en dat was mijn intentie.

De Literaire Werkplaats, Eemnes

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