Space Clearing

Just as you can tune into the energy of a person, you can tune into the energy of a house or business premises.

Every building has a personality and a history, and each building is exposed to influences from the invisible world. Some cause disturbances. People may suffer from headaches, sleep poorly, are anxious, or have a hard time concentrating. Or they get into a fight for no reason. The company can even be unsuccessful!

An interference is a demand for attention from the invisible. Reading the space can detect the source of the interference. Clearing will restore the balance, and the life energy, the chi, can flow freely again.

Clearing has a positive influence on current users, but also on users from the past and in the future!

What I do

I observe the flow of energy in the space and the environment. I determine where the disruptions are and what their nature is. I do this by walking through the rooms physically or virtually, using my clairvoyance and my claircognizance. Sometimes I get a clear picture of the past, or I meet an entity.

The disruptions can be metaphysical, caused by emotional stress, or is connected to the location. Water currents, Leylines, and magnetic fields can affect, as well as the presence of electrical equipment in or in the vicinity of the building.

Clearing is less complicated than assumed by many. I consciously connect with the disruption, let the charge be, and release it.

The essence of clearing is to love all that is.


A clearing on location takes around three hours. I conclude with a personal clearing of everyone present. The exchange depends on the circumstances and the size of the building. The exchange for a house clearing is 200 to 350 euros, for business premises 300 to 750 euros, excluding VAT and travel costs. Prior consultation is required.