You and your Spirit Guides, Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 June 2021

You and your Spirit Guides, a unique weekend!

The new course with Mirjam Janse, Transformational Coach and Medium

For those who feel there is more between heaven and earth and have the courage to look beyond known boundaries!

Since the Dutch-speaking participants are over the moon with what they experience, I’m pleased to be now offering the course ‘You and your Spirit Guides’ to my English speaking fellow researchers of life.

On the weekend of 5 and 6 June 2021, I will do a two-day course on how to work with your spirit guides. Learn how to connect and communicate with your guides and become aware of their significance in your life.

The exchange for this great weekend is 295 euros, including a personal scan, hand-outs, and VAT. And coffee, tea, and biscuits of course! Minimum 5, maximum 10 participants.

We will work both days from 10.15 am to 5.00 pm. The location is de Literaire Werkplaats in Eemnes, a great place!

Feel free to let others know too. All nationalities are welcome, as long as they speak English!

Send an email to when you are interested in participating.

Data: za 05 jun 2021, zo 06 jun 2021. Klik hier voor meer informatie

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