Personal Journey

In a Personal Journey you focus on the essence of your physical and your spiritual health, your relationships, family, work and finances. You also look at your past lives, karma and your Soul Intent.
And I assist you.

I work with Healing, Cord Cutting, Soul Retrieval, Spirtit Realease and Regression as well as with Reading and Constellations.
By working intuitively the essence of what’s going on in your life at that moment becomes clear fast. You gain clarity about the origin of your blockades, desires and intentions.
In the course of the Journey you can also become aware of your relationships with deceased persons or with your Soulgroup. Personal Guides might make themselves noticeable.
By becoming aware of your choices and chances in life subconscious restrictive programming can be cleared and rewritten. You’re now free and back on track!
In my experience nothing can be enforced in the Cosmos but it did show that when you surrender to the process of healing and awareness, the Cosmos likely will lend you a hand and surprise you in unexpected ways!

A Personal Journey consists of 5 to 8 sessions. A session takes 1 to 1,5 hours. There are 3 weeks between successive sessions. The sessions take place in Amsterdam. When appropriate a session is done at your work area or outdoors. An intake session is required.
The exchange is € 400 to € 1000, depending on the amount of sesions. It includes material, recordings and VAT.
I work to a strict Code of Conduct so all sessions are confidential.

Toch een beetje in de war door alle veranderingen? Dan kan je een APK sessie doen, een Algemene Peiling van Krachten. Ik kijk dan in één sessie van twee uur naar je relaties, je werk, je gezondheid en naar hoe je jezelf tot expressie brengt in deze wereld. De vergoeding van een APK is 180 euro incl btw.
Je krijgt een kleurige scan van je chakra’s en een aanduiding van de blokkades. Een couch healing is onderdeel van de APK-sessie. En koffie of thee met biologische koekjes. Ook als alles verandert blijft het mogelijk je thuis te voelen op deze aarde.