The Power of The Transformation

The speed at which the transformation is happening at this point may annoy you because the effort you had to put in to get here seemed like a battle of wear and tear. Yet we can enjoy the rapid increase of frequencies in and around all things terrestrial. It is no longer a transformation, it … Meer lezen

Source Has Your Back

The veils are lifted one by one and the harsh truth of events can frustrate you or make you feel small and insignificant. Remember that your connection to the source, your core, can never be shaken. Even if you express your doubts or your frustration, your intention to speak from this peaceful place within gives … Meer lezen

Who Are We Becoming

The comments on my videos inspire me to invite you to meetings via Zoom – details to follow. Welcome. We change because our frequency is rapidly increasing. Veils between us and past events are lifted, revealing old and once devastating traumas at last. You may experience an unstoppable urge to clear them. Give in and … Meer lezen

Are You Ready to Let Go of Known Paradigms

All known paradigms seem to lose their validity. Is it possible that our perception changes so profoundly that this is a step towards a different experience of life’s possibilities? Could it be the beginning of conscious limitless living? You may feel invited to dive deeper into what’s blocking you. But facing up to what requires … Meer lezen

Turn Around

Love is the carrier of light. Sometimes is easier to keep sending light like a 24/7 on duty lighthouse than to sit back and receive light and experience love. I wonder, being afraid of the power of love, could that be their problem, their weak spot. Liefde is de drager van licht. Soms is het … Meer lezen

Out of Your Mind

Where you live on this planet certainly affects how you respond to these challenging times and how you handle your emotions. Nevertheless, in almost any distressing situation, you can find something that you like, like, love, or simply appreciate, even if only for a split second. Shifting your focus by noticing something beautiful or valuable … Meer lezen

Awake and or Aware

Being awake and aware, that’s what it’s about now. Being awake, knowing what’s going on, integrating the information to eventually let it go is one thing. You are a manifestation of infinity on Earth. When you are aware of this, you allow your inner light to merge with source. That’s one too. Being awake and … Meer lezen

This Life Wants to Be Lived

These are exciting times! I see fireworks going off in people who suddenly gain insight into how this world works. Be nothing, be emptiness, even for a moment. The transformation will occur. Het zijn boeiende tijden! Ik zie vuurwerk afgaan in mensen die plots inzicht krijgen in hoe deze wereld werkt. Wees niets, wees leegte, … Meer lezen

An Expanded Reality

Reality may expand as a result of your inner transformation. Like a rubber band, allowing reality to stretch and thicken again is a great way to get used to a more flexible body, adjusting its frequency as needed to other realms. De werkelijkheid kan zich stretchen als gevolg van je innerlijke transformatie. Dit als een … Meer lezen

The Value of Love

Sometimes people you care about are unable to receive your love and attention. That can be painful. The rejection can bring up old traumas in you. Keep your love to yourself until you can share it with those who can receive. Sharing deepens love. Soms zijn mensen om wie je geeft niet in staat om … Meer lezen