The Shock and Compassion

The s h t is hitting the ven. Shocking to some, a liberation for others. See if you can express yourself honestly and truthfully, and experience this complex but at the same time exciting transformation. The s h t is hitting the ven. Voor sommigen schokkend, voor anderen een bevrijding. Kijk of je jezelf eerlijk … Lees meer

Flatthinkers and The Focus On Soul Intent

Some chose a life without awakening. It might just be their way of life. Respect their choice. Centre and focus on your own gifts and your passion instead. Remember that you do not determine your value as a member of a community. Others do! So do what feels right to you and appreciate yourself like … Lees meer

Trees and The Authorities

Trees are the real authorities I resonate with. They connect the earth and the heavens. Just like you do. Bomen zijn de echte autoriteiten waarmee ik resoneer. Ze verbinden de aarde en de hemel. Net als jij.

Consciously Naive During Wartimes

Somehow we remain naive. Simply because it is impossible to really understand who is fighting why. Counting on the best outcome I wanted to understand why I often felt so disappointed. Distancing ourselves from that emotion and choosing to be the observer helps. It makes room for creativity. Use this gift, cause it will make … Lees meer

Feel Confused Be Present in These Times Of Transformation

Recognize that you can still get emotional when the going gets tough. Remember that your emotions colour your unique life story and are a natural outlet. To deny them is to inhibit your transformation. Erken dat je nog steeds emotioneel kunt worden als het moeilijk wordt. Bedenk dat je emoties jouw unieke levensverhaal kleuren en … Lees meer

Frequencies Are a Genuinely Transformative Force

You are all frequency. Increase your frequency by choosing thoughts, relationships, work and environment that support you. Your frequency can affect others, even systems, in ways you never thought possible. Frequenties zijn een werkelijk transformerende kracht. Jij bent een en al frequentie. Verhoog je frequentie door te kiezen voor gedachten, relaties, werk en omgeving die … Lees meer

To Those Needing Encouragement

Urgent! What to do with your fears and the overwhelming emotions on your plate. Keep breathing and stay present! That’s the gist. Now it might be a good idea to connect with people you’ve never dared to approach before. People you envy or dislike. Be brave when you connect and know that you matter. And … Lees meer

Where Did This Battle Start

What is our origin as human beings. Who or what once took the initiative to create human beings. Have we actually always been intuitive, creative and conscious beings. Then, what does that implicate. Just a few questions to reflect upon. Wat is onze oorsprong als mens. Wie of wat nam ooit het initiatief om mensen … Lees meer

The Natural Shift In Your Body

The current extreme shifts in the electromagnetic field can profoundly affect us and our bodies often digest the changes better than our minds. Being sleepy or dizzy or wanting to be alone is perhaps the fastest way for the body to deal with these transformative forces. De huidige extreme verschuivingen in het elektromagnetische veld kunnen … Lees meer