Why Is Fear Seemingly Invincible

Why is fear so pervasive, someone asked me. Fear is part of being human because it is part of your instinct to keep yourself alive, safe and sound. Practice becoming aware of your fears without identifying with them. Let fear be a signal, nothing more. When your experiences in life change, see if you can … Lees meer

Cosmic Support In Hard Times

Our story, our lives on earth might have to be seen with a brand new pair of glasses on for our roots turn out to be alien which gives our existence on earth another brilliance. Being aware of the changes in your Lightbody will help you face the profound shift this world is going through. … Lees meer

Voicing The Soul Zoom Gatherings

The essential thing to do in life is Voicing Your Soul. And walk your talk! This world is shifting rapidly. It urges me to elaborate on what it means to Voice your Soul. Will do! With you! Je zielsintentie serieus nemen is essentieel in dit leven. Nu deze wereld razendsnel verandert is het goed om … Lees meer

Earth Is Us

Respect those who work the earth and know how to enter into a dialogue with the soil, the plants and the animals. Respect them by involving them in decisions that ultimately affect us all because we are the earth, nature. What we eat, how we live, think and desire, what keeps us healthy, everything in … Lees meer

When You Can’t Stand It Any Longer

You are one with the source and at the same time a unique person. Being aware of this will support you in your struggle with this complex reality. Let the energy of the new moon give you the courage to feel that support. Any time of the day, any time of night. Je bent één … Lees meer

How Do You Transform While Struggling

In this highly polluted outside world it becomes inevitable to face the big themes. At the same time, the entangled roots in ourselves become visible. The question is whether Love and Light are enough to change this world for the better. For me a person expresses Light in Love. In other words, Love is the … Lees meer

A Different Perpective on Old Stories

Unfamiliar issues are now surfacing. Even desires you may have experienced in other lifetimes intrude and demand attention. Look at where you were and where you once abandoned yourself. Become aware of all your stories and those of others you have connected with in other lifetimes. Embrace yourself now and charge your inner light by … Lees meer

The Transforming Power of Truth or Dare

Your circumstances might be challenging right now. How do you know who and what to trust. It starts with trusting your gut feeling. Become familiar with how it feels when something feels right. It will become easier to distinguish healing and beneficial thoughts from destructive ones. Thoughts are one thing, incoming information another. Trusting in … Lees meer

Being Present, Even on Earth

Be present in this life. Ground. Centre. Align. Realise your value being an embodied soul on earth right now. Look within you. There is peace and silence to be found. There you will find the strength to be present when going through the neck of the funnel. We are slowly but surely sliding into a … Lees meer