Voicing the Soul live edit

This YouTube chat was an opportunity to ask questions and share your suggestions for topics to focus on in a gathering via Zoom. The chat is closed, but you can still suggest topics. Since it was a first the video was far too long, so it’s edited. Thank you for your comments during the live … Lees meer

The Advantage of Feeling Disempowered

In life, we all need to learn how to stabilise ourselves. Sometimes we feel out of balance, disempowered by our circumstances. It may bring us down, but when you feel like you want to contribute to a new world, get familiar with what disempowers you. It will lead you right to what strengthens and reinforces … Lees meer

Chaos, Emotions and You

Ascension Day. Nope, no ascension yet! You are still here, so you got a job over here. One task may be to stay centred when chaos hits the streets. Another task is to view your emotions as a great means of getting to know yourself better. Consequently, you will realise that any statement you make … Lees meer

Fear of Death or Fear of Change

Fear of death can equate to fear of change. Fear of death makes you freeze, while you know that you once agreed upon passing over at a specific moment. Retrieving this inner knowing stimulates the flow of life energy within you. It also empowers you to deal with upcoming unlogical and complex situations. Angst voor … Lees meer

Shift Into the Unknown

Old trees are my guides, my healers and a refuge when I want to unwind. In their aura I feel absorbed in a natural oneness. No more history or future defining my presence. Why should we go back to our origins? It brought us here! Let the sh i t hit the fan, lift the … Lees meer

Another Layer of Reality

Hanging in there is already quite an effort, but bending deeper eventually makes you hit another layer – one of existential sorrow and a call for consolation. By being forced to stay put, one gets to know oneself better, day by day. That has value. Erbij blijven is al een hele inspanning, maar verder doorbuigen … Lees meer

The Power of The Transformation

The speed at which the transformation is happening at this point may annoy you because the effort you had to put in to get here seemed like a battle of wear and tear. Yet we can enjoy the rapid increase of frequencies in and around all things terrestrial. It is no longer a transformation, it … Lees meer

Source Has Your Back

The veils are lifted one by one and the harsh truth of events can frustrate you or make you feel small and insignificant. Remember that your connection to the source, your core, can never be shaken. Even if you express your doubts or your frustration, your intention to speak from this peaceful place within gives … Lees meer

Who Are We Becoming

The comments on my videos inspire me to invite you to meetings via Zoom – details to follow. Welcome. We change because our frequency is rapidly increasing. Veils between us and past events are lifted, revealing old and once devastating traumas at last. You may experience an unstoppable urge to clear them. Give in and … Lees meer

Are You Ready to Let Go of Known Paradigms

All known paradigms seem to lose their validity. Is it possible that our perception changes so profoundly that this is a step towards a different experience of life’s possibilities? Could it be the beginning of conscious limitless living? You may feel invited to dive deeper into what’s blocking you. But facing up to what requires … Lees meer