The Multi Layered Universes

Discerning is a great way for you to express your free will. All Universes are watching to see what you do with this gift. Use your free will to your benefit. Be specific in your wishes. Now is a good time to do so. Onderscheidend zijn is een geweldige manier om je vrije wil tot … Lees meer

Shadows Darkening Urging Discernment

Our inner light is gaining strength. The effect is that the shadow energies in people and organisations also gather strength and force themselves upon us. Be aware, recognise negative energies and learn to discern what serves you and your highest purpose. Ons innerlijk licht wint aan kracht. Het effect is dat ook de schaduwenergieën in … Lees meer

What Is Life Worth

Since we are in a time of chopping wood, this question pops up. What is life worth. What is the value of life, your life. Do you realise the essence of your existence. See if you can answer that question.

Wake Up in the Dark

I recorded this some time ago, but the message is even more to the point now. Can it get too dark? How can you prepare for what is coming. Kan het te donker worden? Hoe kun je je voorbereiden op wat komen gaat.

Shooting Stars In The Dark

When is it done? Can we finally move on in freedom? This world has become so layered that focussing is essential to be able to keep going. See if you can connect the dots in these different layers. Wanneer is het klaar? Kunnen we eindelijk verder in vrijheid? Deze wereld is zo gelaagd geworden dat … Lees meer

Changing Concepts Leads to Freedom

It’s scary to let go of concepts that were valuable to you. However, welcoming a change in concepts can open doors to greater awareness and a new sense of freedom. Het is eng om concepten die waardevol voor je waren los te laten. Het verwelkomen van een verandering in concepten kan echter deuren open zetten … Lees meer

The Shock and Compassion

The s h t is hitting the ven. Shocking to some, a liberation for others. See if you can express yourself honestly and truthfully, and experience this complex but at the same time exciting transformation. The s h t is hitting the ven. Voor sommigen schokkend, voor anderen een bevrijding. Kijk of je jezelf eerlijk … Lees meer