Choose Inspired or Boxed in

By breathing consciously you can connect with the divine at any time of the day. Take advantage of this endless source of inspiration and feel free. It’s still legal! Door bewust te ademen kun je elk moment van de dag contact maken met het goddelijke. Maak gebruik van deze eindeloze bron van inspiratie en voel … Lees meer

Divine Manifestation in Bread

Baking the bread was possible because people were willing to explore other ways of working together, which is valuable in itself. It is about working together and connecting to nature and to Source. Their experiences can also be regarded as a result of The Bread Project! Het brood bakken was mogelijk omdat mensen bereid waren … Lees meer

Mirjam Wider Perspective 3 Value Human Life

How can this life on earth be valuable when suppression and denial of values are on almost everyone’s daily menu? What does it mean to lead a natural life? Is it still an option? And would justice have anything to do with it? Hoe kan dit leven op aarde waardevol zijn als onderdrukking en ontkenning … Lees meer

Mirjam Wider Perspective 1 Attack on Humanity

A different kind of video this time! Authorities are now putting their cards on the table. This can be a much-needed wake-up call to many. It is about protecting the future of humanity. Watch it. And watch out. With you! Een ander soort video deze keer! Autoriteiten leggen nu hun kaarten op tafel. Dit kan … Lees meer

Devastating Attraction of a Screen

Since I was Under the Weather for a few days, I had less need to turn on the screen. I realised how easily you become addicted to watching and allowing yourself to resonate with the lower frequency of that screen. The computer screen draws you in with its flickering lights. That hurt! Practice staying centred. … Lees meer

Lust For Life – Survive as a Creative Human Being

Choices you make during this shift will have a long-lasting effect on your life and the life of others. Choose lust for life and experience yourself being lifted to higher frequencies. Keuzes die je tijdens deze shift maakt, zullen een langdurig effect hebben op jouw leven en dat van anderen. Kies voor levenslust en ervaar … Lees meer

Free to Love Anyone Anything Anytime

You are able to love because you are part of Source. Don’t let anything, anyone or any device stop you from doing this. Je bent in staat lief te hebben omdat je deel uitmaakt van de Bron. Laat niets, niemand of welk apparaat dan ook je hiervan afhouden.

The Shock of Having to Return

Like me, you may feel that you need to return to certain places, sometimes for unknown reasons. It may be because you are drawn there to cut the connection to its history, clear the place and free yourself! Net als ik heb je misschien het gevoel dat je naar bepaalde plaatsen moet terugkeren, soms om … Lees meer

Attack on Your Consciousness

What makes you human is your consciousness. Realise that you need to protect your energy and your connection to other dimensions from any destructive actions. Honour the crystal energies in you, in the Earth, in the Universe today. Wat je mens maakt, is je bewustzijn. Realiseer je dat je je energie en je verbinding met … Lees meer