Be Present During War

It is time to develop concepts for a world that respects nature and our natural human roots. Use AI instead of AI using you! Ground yourself in your gut, your center of creativity, and be as present as you dare to be in these tumultuous times. Be aware, dare, practice and shine! Het is tijd … Read more

Oud Verdriet Nieuwe Tranen

De huidige gebeurtenissen kunnen herinneringen en onverwerkte emoties naar boven brengen. Als je het nieuws volgt is het belangrijk bewust te zijn van waar je werkelijk op reageert, oud verdriet of nieuwe emoties. Current events can bring back memories and unprocessed emotions. When you follow the news, it is important to be aware of what … Read more

The War Over Magic and Wisdom

Every civilization needs insight into how life is lived in the sense of experiencing the magic of it. Sources of knowledge and wisdom often are the real grounds to go to war. Elke beschaving heeft inzicht nodig in hoe het leven wordt geleefd in de zin van het ervaren van de magie ervan. Bronnen van … Read more

Timelines and the War

Disturbing info on the war comes to you via your narrowed mind being part of this reality. Consider the existence of other timelines affecting the world you’re experiencing. Broaden your vision. Hold on. Verontrustende informatie over de oorlog komt naar je toe via de vernauwde geest die hoort in deze realiteit. Overweeg het bestaan van … Read more

Disconnect Emotionally from Others Suffering

Try not to drown in tears, sucked in by the suffering and trauma of others. Being aware of the power of your presence, your light and your empathy ultimately has more effect than your tears. Probeer niet te verdrinken in tranen, meegezogen door het lijden en de trauma’s van anderen. Je bewust zijn van de … Read more

Dragons Hill

Dragon Hill in Wiltshire, UK. Dragon Hill energies make me smile. Why? Because it is time to let go of old commitments and obligations that imprisoned you in an ego-driven construct. Take back the wisdom and the knowledge saved in your blueprint and commit to what really moves you. This recording was spontaneous, and, yes, … Read more

Silbury Hill with MJ and MJ 19th Oct 2023

There are no more underground bases at Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, but there is a strong presence of inspiring energy. A huge shift! Whether channeling is reliable or not, the physical and emotional sensations certainly were! Er zijn geen ondergrondse bases meer bij Silbury Hill, in Wiltshire, maar wel een sterke aanwezigheid van inspirerende energie. Een … Read more

Silbury Hill is Calling 19th Oct 2023

I’m reconnecting to Silbury Hill in Wiltshire, UK. The energies have been swirling and turning over the past three months, supporting a grand shift from dark to light! Listen to this uplifting message! Ik maak opnieuw verbinding met Silbury Hill in Wiltshire, VK. De energieën zijn de afgelopen drie maanden aan het wervelen en draaien … Read more