Consciously Ordinary is Gold

If you feel inadequate, change the thinking that you are just a small player. Being consciously ordinary anchors you in this 3D world with your head in 5D. Your consciousness is the best channel to download the new frequencies. It will affect others too! Als je je onbekwaam voelt, verander dan de gedachte dat je … Read more

To Share or Not to Share That Is the Question

Share your insights and knowledge with those who can hear you or begin to listen hesitantly. When the floodgates open in the minds of those who are oblivious to the bigger picture, their challenge is to become aware and, eventually, celebrate it with you. Deel uw inzichten en kennis met degenen die u kunnen horen … Read more

A New Look at the Bigger Picture

Trust that there is a bigger picture! To understand the necessity of the chain of events in past centuries requires research and a free mind. It is the structures we have unconsciously accepted that keep us in a loop. It is a job to perceive the coherence, but insight opens the door to a new … Read more

Intruders and the Light of Spring

A new spring is coming, a field filled with light. Let the light penetrate every cell of your body. When this light vibrates in response to your intention, it becomes love. Become aware of intrusions into your personal space, now and in the past. Your experiences, part of the morphogenetic field of pain and loss … Read more

Forgiveness as a Way Out of Feeling Trapped

See if you can take a break from hating what’s going on around you. Allow yourself to become still, without stories. Just be present. Stop fighting the past and see if you can forgive yourself for being a part of that past! The experience can be enlightening. Kijk of je even geen hekel kunt hebben … Read more

Be Consciously Grateful and Move on

In nature it is as if everything is holding its breath. It feels like we are about to jump into a new reality! Prepare for the leap by expressing your gratitude to everyone who has influenced you in the past. Whether it was hard to digest or pleasant, say thank you. And move on. In … Read more

The Power of Imagination in a Confusing World

Many things in this world need to change and that takes time, so speak up, but remember you can’t push the river! Instead, use your imagination to ground the desired outcome. When you envision, visualize from your heart, go within and be with the image, anchor it in your body. The image will be felt … Read more

Solar Flares and the New You

Since we are mostly made up of water, we are naturally susceptible to the changes in the magnetic field. They influence how we feel physically, but also how we think about ourselves. Because electrical pulses in our brain respond to the changes in the magnetic field, the current special circumstances can lead to new thoughts … Read more

Empower Yourself By Grieving

When events, changes, conflicts and fights make you sad, cry! Crying can be a great way to deeply feel what moves you. It is a gift to be able to cry, so enjoy your tears. Wanneer gebeurtenissen, veranderingen, conflicten en gevechten je verdrietig maken, huil dan! Huilen kan een geweldige manier zijn om diep te … Read more

The Miracle of Being Bold in 2023

This year is all about you! Be brave and bold! Go to the roots of the society you participate in and see if you resonate with its foundations. You might have to get up sometimes to be able to live from the heart as a soul in a human body. Step into the open and … Read more