Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear We hit rock bottom, for there is far too much poison in and around us. Distrust and fear are also poison. How do you get out of this suffocating situation? Choose to only put healthy things into your system, your mind, your heart and your gut. Surround yourself with people who respect you … Read more

Heb het hart

September 2021. Het is zover. We zitten in de bottleneck, de flessenhals, en dat kan heel benauwend zijn. Hoe kom je deze verwarrende tijd goed door zonder te weten waar het toe leidt. Twijfel en onzekerheid zijn slechte raadgevers. Ga met je aandacht naar het hart, het grote hart, het universele hart. Behoud je gevoel … Read more

Stand Your Ground

Stand Your Ground Right now, so much is happening behind the scenes that it’s practically impossible to see the bigger picture. Confrontations pile up and can leave you confused, with too little time to process everything and restore your inner balance. The transformation is happening right now, whether you like it or not. You are … Read more


Holistisch centrum De bron, Oud Kraggenburg

Data: Sat 16 Oct 2021, Sun 17 Oct 2021.

Is Your Choice The Right One

How can you be sure that your choice is the right one? By trusting. Trust the signals your body gives you, listen to your heart, and know your intention. Become aware of the signals your body gives you when your choice is not the right one. The signal may be strong, such as nausea, chills, … Read more

Down The Drain

Going down the drain can be a good thing. Consider the drain to be the neck of an hourglass, a passage to a new space. To get there, you have to go through the narrow gateway. That’s an uncomfortable and painful process to many. Trust the process. When you finally get through the neck, you … Read more


Iemand vroeg het mij. Gaan we nu met z’n allen richting het putje. Ja en nee. Uiteindelijk is het putje niets anders dan de uitermate nauwe doorgang naar een andere wereld, een ons nog onbekende wereld. Zie het als een zandloper met de nauwe hals als de doorgang. Je kan in het putje blijven hangen. … Read more

Your Intent Counts

You always have a choice. Today, the 8th of the 8th, 2021, is a good day to become aware of yourself and your freedom of choice! Even if you don’t know where your choice will lead, go for it! When the intention to become aware of yourself comes from your heart, you will attract the … Read more


Do you feel the need to give healing to others without them asking? Stop it. You are leaking energy. Being able to ground, center, and protect yourself is more important than you think. In this way, you can empower the light within yourself. Radiating your light inspires others to look for their own light source … Read more