De minderheid is méér

Wat er gaat gebeuren in de wereld is mede afhankelijk van jouw bereidheid je bewust te zijn van je innerlijke kracht. What will happen in the world partly depends on your willingness to be aware of your inner strength.

Law and Justice

Law and Justice. Or is it Law or Justice. Words are an expression of intent. When the intent is removed, an empty shell is what’s left. De Wet en Rechtvaardigheid. Of is het Wet of Rechtvaardigheid. Woorden zijn een uitdrukking van een intentie. Wanneer de intentie eruit wordt gehaald, blijft er een lege huls over.

Be You to the Full

Your senses are great antennae – all six. Use them and find people who will appreciate and respect you. New ways of communicating will be the natural result of your shared creativity. Some people can’t hear you. Find the ones that do. Wees jezelf, je hele zelf Je zintuigen zijn geweldige antennes – alle zes. … Meer lezen

Do you feel safe

In this world, scary stories sell better than stories that make you feel safe. When you are fearful, it’s hard to feel safe at the same time. Align with your higher self and choose to feel safe. Feel the Earth carry you, and the Cosmos support you. You are part of a much bigger story … Meer lezen

Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear We hit rock bottom, for there is far too much poison in and around us. Distrust and fear are also poison. How do you get out of this suffocating situation? Choose to only put healthy things into your system, your mind, your heart and your gut. Surround yourself with people who respect you … Meer lezen

Heb het hart

September 2021. Het is zover. We zitten in de bottleneck, de flessenhals, en dat kan heel benauwend zijn. Hoe kom je deze verwarrende tijd goed door zonder te weten waar het toe leidt. Twijfel en onzekerheid zijn slechte raadgevers. Ga met je aandacht naar het hart, het grote hart, het universele hart. Behoud je gevoel … Meer lezen

Stand Your Ground

Stand Your Ground Right now, so much is happening behind the scenes that it’s practically impossible to see the bigger picture. Confrontations pile up and can leave you confused, with too little time to process everything and restore your inner balance. The transformation is happening right now, whether you like it or not. You are … Meer lezen


Holistisch centrum De bron, Oud Kraggenburg

Data: za 16 okt 2021, zo 17 okt 2021.

Is Your Choice The Right One

How can you be sure that your choice is the right one? By trusting. Trust the signals your body gives you, listen to your heart, and know your intention. Become aware of the signals your body gives you when your choice is not the right one. The signal may be strong, such as nausea, chills, … Meer lezen