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I do personal sessions via Zoom, and face-to-face sessions in Landsmeer, Wassenaar and Nagele, The Netherlands.

The transformation is taking place, whether we notice it or not. We change as individuals and as part of the bigger picture. A lot seems possible. We might need time though to get used to our increasing intuition and abilities. We notice we are becoming more sensitive and are learning to trust our gut feeling. This can lead to confrontations with our environment.

The body is willing to receive information and, when you intend to change as well, it accelerates the process of transformation. The body knows how to adapt to the new input The blueprint in each cell changes and begins to crystallise. It makes each cell a receiver and a transmitter of information, just like a crystal in an old-fashioned radio. Of course, the body already was a perfect receiver and transmitter but is now becoming stronger at a rapid pace. It creates new and sometimes unknown physical sensations. Best to let it happen.

Don’t hurry, give it time. Let the cosmic winds pull open the windows! Allow yourself to view a brand-new horizon. There will be sunshine and showers, just stay aware and know that you are being guided.

As a Transformational Coach, I like to assist you in the process.


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